Watercolor Illustrations

Whenever I am working with traditional media, I create a sketch for every illustration. After the sketch is approved, I transfer it on high-quality watercolor paper. For final touches and rendering, I like to paint with colored pencils. The use of colored pencils add depths and texture to the subject I paint.

My work is based on high-quality art supplies. My art supply choices, based on experience, make it possible to provide work with a high standard of quality at all times. Even though most of my illustrations are used digitally or are printed, excellent art supplies are essential to my work. 

Selected colors and pigments are responsible for the characteristic look of my illustrations. 

You can view a complete list of the art supplies I use here. If you are interested to know more about why I chose certain products for my work, I explain all the reasons in the details section of my art supply list. 



Haus am See


Digital Illustrations

In addition to my traditional artwork I also offer a variety of digital illustrations, mostly used in editorial, publishing or corporate communication as well as for advertising purposes. 

My digital workflow is more texturized and I use a lot of textural and grainy brushes to achieve a certain look. 

© Sarah Janser

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