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“Illustration is a passion, which will work magic, when it is just right.”

use of illustrations

Commercial illustrations increase the added value of all products, designed to help achieving maximum commercial value. They convey relevant information to the audience and help to promote purchase.

In editorial applications illustrations help to make texts more understandable and illustrate the meaning behind the words. 

I offer naturalistic illustrations in watercolor as well as painted digitally for all kinds of industries. 

reliable commission

reliable commission

From the initial sketch to the finished piece, I’m committed to meeting all project deadlines. Whenever possible, I work within the budget. Clear communication throughout the course of the project is guaranteed. 

Existing illustrations can be licensed for your project.

Depending on my workload, I offer private commissions as well.



I offer my original work to art collectors and private buyers. Please note, that the colors of the original can slightly differ from what you see on your display. All illustrations have been optimized digitally. The color displayed highly depends on your own display settings. 

The originals aren’t optimized or manipulated in any way. Since my illustrations are handcrafted, even with the utmost care while creating, it is possible that there are pencil lines or slight color smudges visible. These imperfections add to the character of an original artwork. 

Please feel free to ask any questions. I can of course take a photograph of the original in good light conditions, so that you can make an informed decision.

© Sarah Janser

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